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    Fort Sam Houston, TX - Lodging

    Temporary housing on Fort Sam Houston is provided IHG Army Hotels. The IHG hotel is equipped with central heat and air as well as laundry and kitchen facilities. This is a privatized contract lodging house, and if soldiers prefer to stay off base a non-availability statement is not required. For reservations, service members can call the billeting office at 210-357-2705 ext 5000. Lodging is prioritized for PCS and TDY personnel, and military family visiting hospitalized military next, with transient space-A military following. Incoming PCSing personnel have up to 60 days.

    Pets are allowing in hotel, up to two and up to 80 pounds, with shots records. There are local kennels nearby.

    The competing lodging in San Antonio - "Military City" - is military friendly, offers many features and services, and also offers military specials. See below for details.
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